LE3 Aerial Photography

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Take a stroll down memory lane. . . and enjoy aerial views
 Milwaukee Downtown

Milwaukee 360: See downtown in an interactive, 360 degree view. (load times vary)
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Reach the Sky

Blaze your trail! LE3 Aerial Photography flies aerial missions to help you tell your story,
and document your project. Whether it is a nature trail, a new building, or maintenance
review of a tower, LE Aerial is up to the task. Clients include the Ozaukee Washington
Land Trust and Black Cap Halcyon. Video is captured in high definition (HD or 4K Ultra HD)
for playback on high quality display devices.


   Milwaukee Lakeshore


   Milwaukee Downtown

Call 414 807-9326 or 262 814-0076

email inquiries: flight@le3aerial.com
Hourly or project rates.

FAA certified. Subject to weather and temporary flight restrictions (TFRs).