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Autonomous Flight - Autopilot Drones

For complex, repeatable missions, we offter autopiloted drone missions. Our artificial intelligence (AI) assisted missions include flights into GPS-unavailable environments and areas where most drones cannot fly, such as locations with compass interference.

Long Reach Photography

For locations not possible to fly a drone (because of heat, chemicals, environmental or safety considerations, or nature photography), call us for telephoto work. To highlight the capabilities of aerial telephoto photography, below are aerial photos taken nine miles from the shores of Lake Michigan!

 Lakefront Milwaukee 

Detailed condition monitoring of hard to reach equipment is economically feasible.
If you are interested, please contact LE3 Photography.

  Water Tower

LE3 Aerial captures colored and detailed imagery for your next technical
or promotional project at angles not possible from land based photography.  

Drone aviation is not just about beautiful photography. It is a technology urgently needed to improve efficiencies in a high maintenance and competitive environment. Chunks of concrete falling off the front of tall building facades endanger pedestrians. This could be prevented by better building condition monitoring. Fires are wreaking havoc in the West, causing lost lives, huge property damage, and financially harming utilities and communities.

Many preventive inspection procedures have been expensive and dangerous. Drones, while not without their own risks, enable a practical, safer way to help with both infrastructure buildup, and maintenance.

In construction projects, our flights give you up-to-date detail on building progress, equipment, and supplies. On tall structures, condition inspection is difficult and dangerous for maintenance personnel. Our drones eliminate some of the climbing and can act as part of an early warning system for nascent problems. Drone technology is a tool in a toolkit with unexplored potential. LE3 Aerial Photography has built up experience and techniques to help you utilize this changing technology.

Real estate agents get that unique sales photo! Unique fly throughs add sizzle to a sales pitch.

Building managers, plumbers, electricians, and inspectors can have access to remote, elevated locations for quick assessment and documentation. Call now and find out how LE3 Aerial Photography can help you. Companies are learning how this tech can save money and help build revenue.

Kelly's Lot Soars . . .

 Milwaukee Downtown

Milwaukee 360: See downtown interactive, 360 degrees. (load times vary)
Note: For best results use a current browser, or VR goggles.

Virtually all professional drones are autonomous (can fly a programmed route) with the option of manual control. The more advanced drones have AI built in to see and avoid obstacles. Despite being "automatic" the drone must be piloted and responsibility for it rests with the pilot. Most of the newer drones are powered by electric motors.

Drones are safer for many projects, avoiding the risks of fall or other injury to personnel.

Blaze your trail in this exciting field. Let LE3 Aerial photo/video and document to help convey your plans, your build.

Whether it is a construction site, maintenance project, or nature preserve, LE Aerial Photography can help you reach and teach your internal or external audience. Beautiful aerial footage is captured in HD or Ultra HD (4K). LE3 Aerial Photography clients include Ozaukee Washington Land Trust, Black Cap Halcyon, and other residential and business/industrial customers.

   Milwaukee Lakeshore


   Milwaukee Downtown

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FAA certified rPIC. All missions are subject to weather conditions, FAA rules, and other temporary flight restrictions (TFRs). Safety is our top priority. Flights are insured by insurance agency.


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