LE3 Aerial Photography

 Monitor Large Acreage and Tall Structures

Construction Progress

Drones quickly and accurately document construction sites. Regularly scheduled flights provide a bird's eye view of construction progress.  Photos and video footage reveal areas that need attention, as well as keep track of equipment and materials.

Autonomous flights are programmed to create identical, or variations, of flight patterns for useful comparison of conditions and changes over time.

Drone thermal imaging of a structure helps confirm correct insulation and detects anamolies.

Building Maintenance - Equipment Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Drones find and capture equipment problems in the unsafe to reach building locations. Monitoring facility conditions can alert you to equipment problems, such as leaks, broken parts, or failing electrical connections before they become big problems. The use of ladders and scaffolding for crew members to access equipment can be reduced or eliminated.

To be useful, visual imaging drones need to capture detail. This requires specialized equipment, whether drones equipped with better obstacle avoidance, or higher powered cameras.

Stadium lights example:

Stadium Light


Drones are able to perform aerial time lapse photography to monitor conditions over time.  For daily or greater intervals, an autonomous mission is configured to repeat the same flight for each interval.

Real Estate

For compelling presentation of properties, drones excel.  Over flights, and orbiting point of interest missions give perspective for buyers with breathtaking views. Drones are uniquely able to give the buyer a good sense of the locale the property resides in.

LE3 Aerial Photography provides quality video and photos for the local and regional real estate market.

Marketing - Advertising

Whether nature views or city lights, drones can add special quality to marketing and advertising. LE Aerial Photography photos capture subtle lighting changes in weather and times of day.

Special Events

Aerial video and photos of a special event will provide a memorable perspective. Combine these with land-based photography for a unique scrapbook. Post-wedding photo shoots are ideal events to be covered by drone.

Rescue Missions - Deliveries

Drones reach people in remote, rough terrain before first responders. They bring supplies and life saving equipment to stranded victims and wounded or ill patients. Flights that are beyond line of sight require waivers. Typically, the flights are conducted by or under the direction of public aviation agencies, such as police and fire departments. Part 107 drone pilots can be on call, sometimes on a voluntary basis, to assist during major weather events.

Fire Fighting

Fire departments use drones for quick assessment of a structure or wilderness fire.  Thermal imaging for rapid hot spot location helps to find stranded occupants, and determine where the fire is burning.

Some drones actively fight fires in high rises as well.

Another drone application is post fire damage assessment in unsafe to enter buildings.

In-house Programs

Large and small organizations with significant use needs can set up in-house programs. Use cases continue to be developed.  Contact LE3 Aerial Photography if you are interested in help setting up a program.