Composite Photography - Unparalleled Detail

Get the topdown view

Acquire an up-to-date aerial view of your property. Have constructive detail on on acreage and building campuses.  Massively large photos are created and delivered in a special, zoomable format. The photos can be placed on-line or stored on flash, SSD or hard drives. You can created oversized prints.

  Use cases for composite photography include:

- building condition surveillance and documentation. Discover building problems before they become bigger and costlier.

- vegetation growth monitoring.

- tower and tall building inspection with the ability to add call-outs for areas of concern.

- Road or trail condition monitoring

Composites combine dozens, hundreds or even thousands of photos, resulting in extremely high resolution composites. The below composite photo measures more than 21,000 pixels in width by 21,000 pixels in height, and approximately a total of 450 megapixels.  It covers an area of about 15 acres.

Use your mouse and click on the photo below to zoom in and pan around in high detail.